Make a Difference – With your support, so much is possible.

FCAC is a community of love and compassion built on the pillars of enriching body, mind and spirit.  We believe that despite the turmoil, it is important for those in need to know that “we’ve got you”.  We know many others in our community feels the same.

In 2020, amid the unprecedented volatility of the pandemic, FCAC committed to no increase in its fees and to no student missing out on their education due to genuine financial difficulties.  The make a difference campaign allows families and community members to donate to the College’s schemes for fee relief and to scholarships for those in need of financial assistance.

Your generosity will allow the College to assist more families in need at this most uncertain time and truly make a difference.

You can make a tax deductible donation by going to the following link and completing the Make a Difference form.