Our School hours are:

Prep-2: 8.25am to 2.45pm
Years 3-6: 8.25am to 3.00pm
Years 7-12 8.25am to 3.15pm

Class rolls are a legal document and must be kept up to date at all times.  If a student is absent from school, it is a requirement that the school is notified so that our records are accurate.  This can be done before or recently after the absence via one of the following options:

  • Parent Lounge Portal under student attendance
  • email  [email protected]  (this can also be done through the College app)
  • phone call to the main office (4124 5411)

Should an absence be unexplained, an SMS will be sent to parents’ mobile phone at approximately 9.30am.

We expect our students to be at school as much as possible.  Sick children should be kept home to avoid spreading illness and so that they may recover quickly and return to school as soon as possible.