Key Contacts

All staff can be contacted through their College email addresses. This is often a very effective way of communicating short messages. Our teachers’ key priority is teaching your children. Whilst email communication is convenient for all of us, we would ask that you appreciate that teachers are not able to respond to your emails instantly, although you can expect a reply within 24 hours during the term. If you have an urgent message for your child’s teacher, please contact FCAC Administration on 4124 5411.

Communicating an absence from School

If a student is absent from school, it is a requirement that the school is notified so that our records are accurate. This can be done before or recently after the absence via:

  • Email: [email protected] (this can be done through the College app)
  • Absent notification via Parent Lounge
  • Phone call to the main office (4124 5411)

Should an absence be unexplained, an SMS will be sent to parents’ mobile phone.

Key Contacts in Primary School

Your child’s teacher is your first point of contact. Beyond this you can reach out to the following staff depending on your need:

Mr David Brown (Acting Head of Primary School)  – [email protected]
Mrs Hilary Harvey (Acting Deputy Head of Primary School) – [email protected]
Primary School Administration – [email protected]

Key Contacts in Secondary School

Your child’s subject teacher is your first point of contact. Beyond this you can reach our to the follow staff depending on your need:

Mrs Juliane Hallam (Head of Secondary School) – [email protected]
Mrs Danielle Ryan (Director of Middle Years) – [email protected]
Mr Remy Melia (Director of Senior Years) – [email protected]
Secondary Administration [email protected]