Dilly Bag Retail Centre

Our College Uniform Shop known as the Dilly Bag Retail Centre has served the community well, fitting in excess of 6,000 students.  Today, the Dilly Bag is much more than a fitting room for school uniforms.

The Dilly Bag is your one-stop shop for ALL things for school including Akubra hats, uniforms, stationery, and school bags.  You can also find a great range of memorabilia. If you haven’t paid a visit to the Dilly Bag Retail Centre, please do and say hello to our Retail Manager, Mrs Marie Wright.  The Dilly Bag Retail Centre is open every day from 8.00-10.45am during term time only.  All other appointments by appointment.

If you are requiring a fit-out of your child’s uniform, please contact the Dilly Bag (07) 4197 9302 or via our online form to make an appointment.

A copy of our latest Uniform price list is available from the Dilly Bag. All existing parents are encouraged to log into the My FCAC portal and visit the Dilly Bag page for the latest information and specials.