Parents and Friends (P&F)

Our vision for the P&F is to have parents and friends working alongside the staff of the College to create a positive and inclusive College community for everyone.

“To assist in improving academic, cultural and sporting opportunities and facilities at FCAC. to help strengthen connections between students, parents, staff and alumni.”

Committee Members:

If you would like to contact the entire Committee please email [email protected] 

For contact to individual positions/people, please use the emails below:









General information regarding the election process of our Office Bearers:

  • Office bearers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year.
  • The vote will be by secret ballot and the votes will be tallied by using the preferential voting system (i.e. all boxes numbered 1, 2, 3 etc in order of preference).
  • Informal / incorrectly marked ballots will not be counted.
  • Who is eligible to vote?
    • Any parent or caregiver of an FCAC student.
    • College staff who are also parents of FCAC students.
    • Only parents present at the Annual General Meeting are eligible to vote.

Meeting Dates:

Meetings are held fortnightly from 5.30-6.30pm in the Coolibah Library.


Can you help?  If you are a parent or friend of the College and you own or operate a business, or if you possess particular skills which may benefit the P&F in their fundraising and social endeavours, we would love to hear from you.