Students in the Primary School learn the importance of communication skills from a young age in order to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers.  Through the “You Can Do It” program, students are explicitly taught about persistence, confidence, getting along, organisation, and resilience in order to assist them in their lifelong journey of learning.  These skills assist students in becoming well-rounded global citizens who are ready to participate in society.

Our staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide innovative and effective pedagogy in alignment with the Australian Curriculum.  Our focus in the Primary School is to provide students with a holistic approach to learning.  Teachers encourage students to set themselves goals in all areas of their learning, including our specialist programs of Visual Art, Music, HPE, LOTE and Design Technologies.

Above all, we strive to make school an engaging place for our students, parents, staff and the wider community.


Primary School Curriculum

The Primary years are crucial for developing the core skills needed for success in future years of schooling and beyond.  The FCAC Primary School offers a rich and engaging curriculum that places the needs of the student at the forefront.

Our academic program is developed around evidence-based ‘best practice’ and seeks to engage students in their own learning through rich tasks.  Whenever possible, our lessons are based around a learning framework that supports differentiation for students of varying ability levels and individual interests.

Our curriculum is based around eight Key Learning areas drawn down from the Australian Curriculum (where appropriate). These are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • The Arts
  • Languages
  • Technology

FCAC has been a regional leader in implementing all syllabi of the Australian Curriculum within our planning, assessment and reporting policies.  We aim to continue to adapt and develop our teaching and learning program, to meet the needs of our students as they discover how to contribute to the world as a global citizen in our ever changing world.