Being a Middle Years Student

As students transition to the Middle Years, we provide opportunities for them to take more responsibility for their learning and behaviour within a supportive and inclusive environment.

We encourage our students to participate in a range of activities that ‘Enrich Body, Mind and Spirit’. We expect our students to uphold the values of the College – to live the values that Christ taught us, to achieve your best, live a balanced life, give it your all, support each other and care for the environment.

Middle Years students are able to take part in a wide variety of academic subjects, the new Edge Program, extra-curricular activities and personal development experiences.  Additionally we track students’ literacy and numeracy performance to enable teachers to differentiate work programs in these areas.  Literacy and numeracy programs are developed and tailored to the specific needs of each class and individual students within the class.

At FCAC, we are focused on the holistic development of a student through our regular programs, our extra-curricular activities, our Outdoor Education experiences and the positive relationships we develop between our staff, students and College community.

Transition to Year 7

The College provides multiple opportunities for Year 6 students to experience life in Middle Years. These range from buddy activities with Year 11 students through to Orientation Day activities, where students experience Year 7 lessons in specialist classrooms.

Parents of Year 7 students are invited for a tour of the Secondary School and the opportunity to meet key members of staff. We also start the school year with a half day Year 7 Only Day, where students get to know their teachers and take part in a Welcome Chapel Service. When our new Year 7 students arrive on the official first day of the school year, they know exactly which classrooms to go to, they know which teacher will greet them and they know just what to expect on their first full day.

Additional information

MS_SS Student Handbook 2020 FINAL