Secondary School

Middle Years

As students transition to the Middle Years, we provide opportunities for them to take more responsibility for their learning and behaviour within a supportive and inclusive environment.

We encourage our students to participate in a range of activities that ‘Enrich Body, Mind and Spirit’.  We expect our students to uphold the values of the College – to live the values that Christ taught us, to achieve your best, live a balanced life, give it your all, support each other and care for the environment.

Middle Years students are able to take part in a wide variety of academic subjects, the Edge program, extra-curricular activities and personal development experiences.  Additionally we track students’ literacy and numeracy performance to enable teachers to differentiate work programs in these areas.  Literacy and numeracy programs are developed and tailored to the specific needs of each class and individual students within the class.

At FCAC, we are focused on the holistic development of a student through our regular programs, our extra-curricular activities, our Outdoor Education experiences and the positive relationships we develop between our staff, students and the College community.

Senior Years

The Senior Years environment encourages students to become independent learners within a challenging and supportive environment.  The curriculum builds upon the extensive foundations established in Primary School and the Middle Years and allows students to pursue their own pathway in a rigorous and stimulating academic setting. 

The College’s pastoral system ensures that each student is personally known to every teacher in the school as they work collaboratively to reaching the personal, educational and cultural goals of the student.  

In Year 10 the students embark on work experience as they endeavour to determine a potential career path beyond school.  In years 11 and 12 students have the option of studying six Authority subjects to achieve an ATAR score issued by the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) which will enable them to peruse a tertiary course.  Students may also choose to study Authority subjects in conjunction with vocational education courses and receive a Tertiary Rank Score which will also allow them to pursue either a tertiary or TAFE course.  The College also offers School Based Traineeships in the Senior School allowing them to undertake training and work in a field of interest, while still completing their studies at school.  At the conclusion of school, students may take on full time apprenticeships or enter the workforce. 

Throughout their journey, Senior School students are encouraged to think flexibly and show strength of character to navigate future challenges and opportunities that lie beyond their formal schooling in a 21st Century framework.  Programs such as Leadership and Positive Psychology develop emotional intelligence, resilience, problem solving and working collaboratively provides students with the ability to understand themselves before they can in turn lead others.   

Senior Years Curriculum

Our teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide innovative and effective pedagogy in alignment with the Australian Curriculum and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) syllabuses. Teaching programs are designed to integrate technology into the learning process. Teachers encourage students to set themselves goals in all areas of their learning.

Our senior academic program is developed to engage students in their own learning through real-world applications wherever possible. Lessons are based around a learning framework that supports differentiation for students of varying ability levels and individual interests.

Authority subjects such as Music Extension and English Extension are offered to Year 12 students giving them the best opportunity to achieve the highest OP possible.

Year 11 and 12 Subjects

Parent and Student Information 

Secondary School Student Handbook 2021

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