Rugby 7 Welcome

A warm welcome from the Principal of
Fraser Coast Anglican College

On behalf of the Fraser Coast Anglican College community, I would like to welcome you to our campus. Our College motto is ‘Enriching Body, Mind and Spirit’ and the essence of this motto is captured in the great game of Rugby.
The physical nature of this game is undeniable, it challenges the body in ways that other sports do not. Those that truly excel at Rugby, including all of those legendary players, saw themselves as students of the game and applied their minds to improve their performance as much as their bodies.

The aspect that sets Rugby apart from many other sports is what we refer to as ‘The Spirit of Rugby’. Rugby challenges its players to demonstrate integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline.

I encourage you all to embody this spirit throughout the carnival and I hope that each of us, in some small way, walk away from this carnival as better players and better people.
Enjoy the carnival!
Joe Wright
Fraser Coast Anglican College